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Cost of living is increasing due to inflation, housing supply issues, and other economic factors. The city must consider the impact on residents as it makes decisions on development approvals and development charges, property tax rates, and spending decisions. I support maintaining or lowering taxes and finding other revenue models to maintain or grow city budgets. I support tiered development costs as a method to encourage and control the developments of housing and commercial spaces that most positively affect current residents. I support smart infill with small or mid rise housing rather than large towers of 1 bedroom condos, especially in the core area.



More than simply having a home, residents must be able to enjoy the shared spaces and services provided or maintained by the city. Transport options such as paths for walking and cycling, green and park spaces, parking availability, and a healthy, sustained environment we can enjoy. Arts and cultural amenities and services should be aided and funded so residents can enjoy entertainment and things to do in our own city, keeping more of our money and resources local.


Kitchener has a rich heritage and many interesting buildings, neighbourhoods and landscapes. I will support the preservation of the things that give Ward 9 its beauty and character in harmony with development, infill and intensification. We have much to learn from larger cities in Canada and abroad who have kept their history intact while modernising and improving their cities.

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